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Is anyone looking for any overhead projectors.  Yhese are the ones that will project transparencies on the screen.  We have about 12 of them that we would like to sell/trade (stop laughing). Ages are about 6-10 years old and we have lots of extra bulbs available.



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You could demo one at SEMTEC, Brian! Some of the young folk may not even know what you're talking about! :-)


By the way, might you be able to give me an update on Win7 and iTALC compatability that I can throw at the SEMTEC clan on the 14th. I'm told you've been experimenting, but it lookslike we won't get to see you that Friday.


Thanks, Brian!


I've got iTalc deployed on Win7 and XP in all of our labs.  You need to use the current version 2.0.0 found on their website.  Full screen demo is buggy, and does not appear to work if you select the lab at once.  Otherwise, no major issues.


Wow, I have 2.0 loaded on my own desktop and can't get it working on any workstations at all.  XP or Win7.  The old version works fro XP to XP but nothing with not with Win7.



The way the keys (public and private) work, is quite different in the new version.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to be honest.

You also need to set AD user permission to the client service. 

I'll see if I can draft up snapshots of my configuration with explanations for you.

Do I need to create new public and private keys?  Do I have to update the current XP to XP Master computers that are working to V2.0?

As far as I know, yes you need to create new keys.  You have to update the Master Computers and client computers to version 2.0.0. 


I've attached a graphical config of what each of my systems looks like.  The first graphic applies only to MASTER computers.


Hope this helps.  :)

As an additional bit - I set the master computers in the computer lab to start iTalc viewing software.  The end result is each staff gets the hint that they should monitor computer use.  Also, by defining the global and personal xml files, and pointing the master to a pre-determined spot, the staff don't need to do any configuration.  It just works.  They also cannot save any changes.  So, if they accidentally delete a computer, it can be fixed by simply closing iTalc and reopening it.  :)

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