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I have a need to do a couple of tasks as I continue to learn my new job.

1) I would love to have a safe and reliable network discovery tool that I could use to map out our network. Is anyone aware of such a tool that would be a low cost option?

2) I have a need to inventory all our deployed systems, to check operating system level and such things as processor class and speed, installed memory, installed DASD, etc. Does anyone have a recommendation for a low cost option there as well?


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I've used LANHelper, and it is a low-cost tool for Network Discovery and management. $60, I think, and it has a free trial period:

It doesn't have some of the tools as the higher-priced and more robust programs, but it does a lot of things very well, and I think it detects OS along with some other specs.
I use one called Network View. I think it is free trial.

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