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I have been asked to size what it would take to quickly outfit a room as a computer lab.  Thanks to Damon, I have the systems I need, but we really cleaned house and disposed of all of our spare CRT monitors, and so now I do not have enough spares to outfit the lab.  I am going to have to come up with 15 to 20 computer monitors for this lab, if it is approved.

If the principal pulls the trigger, do any of you have any surplus monitors that you were going to otherwise get rid of?  We would even take CRT monitors if that is what it takes.


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We have about 65 15" HP CRT's here in Hayfield that are scheduled to go to recycling sometime the week of September 13th. Let me know if you need any.
Brian thanks. We managed to get some flat panels from another source, and with a couple more we can scrape up we should be good to go. Thanks anyway.
A while (Last spring) ago I contacted MN school's for computers and was able to get a few dozen flat panel monitors from them at no cost. They delivered to the school. (I did purchase some computer CPU's from them for under a hundred dollars each at the same time) They are 15 inch models but for classroom use, they work just fine. The last few hundred computers I bought from HP, I have been able to take advantage of the two for one buy. For every computer I have bought from HP in the past couple years, they have sent me two monitors. The last couple hundred or so have been HP L2208w or l2045w. They are very wide and are nice with spreadsheets or having a couple items up at once. This has alloowed me to replace all my older CRT's out with new monitors at no additional cost to the district.

It was cheaper for me not to use the State contract when purchasing the computers from HP so if you purchase, you need to check the contract pricing and get general business pricing. I have two salespeople contacts at HP, one educational, one business. They each have different sales going on and compete with each other even though they are the same company. Same for dell.
I hope this helps.

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