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Hey all, I'm in the need of some help.  I have not been able to successfully image Windows 8 yet.  I'm loading all of my software on my creation machine, installing the FOG client, I run SYSPrep in audit Mode, generalize then upload the image to FOG.  My image goes up to FOG cleanly, comes down with no problems but the  "Missing Operating System" error message comes up every time.  My FOG image is set to Windows 7 now, however I've tried VISTA & Other as well, same results every time.

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I have done some work on this. Currently FOG .32 does not support Windows 8. There is a new version in development, how ever there is no migration path. It is not out of testing phase, so use it at your own risk...

I know FOG .33 will be coming at some point, but I know I've heard some folks were able to successfully use FOG .32 to image Windows 8.  I'm not sure if they were from SEMTEC or ones I talked to at Brainstorm

I managed to image an OEM install of Windows 8.  How that managed to work, I have no idea.  I suspect they did something to the MBR in their imaging process, which .32 could handle.  Any vanilla installs fail to work.  I believe I mentioned I imaged 8, in belief that the OEM was similar to vanilla.  No such luck.  :(

I don't know why I'm so anxious to deploy any Windows 8 machines, I haven't seen any advantages to it yet in a lab/desktop/non-touch environment. I certainly don't need any additional headaches that will surely caused by the Windows 8 OS.

I've looked at it, and looked some more.  The gains of using it (can't seem to find many) just have not prompted me to do much more than that.

If Windows Blue comes out, it may be of more value in our situation, as they may allow booting straight to desktop, with the start button included.


Booting straight to the desktop with a Start button, what a novel idea.  :) 

Just use WDS (free) or SCCM, so much better and easier.


Personal preference...  We ditched WDS, in favor of FOG.  When you have remote sites with a pittance of bandwidth between, I need to be able to sneakernet an image to get their servers equal.  No such luck doing that with WDS.  With FOG, that is trivial.  To me, that is worth its weight in gold.

Scott Evers said:

Just use WDS (free) or SCCM, so much better and easier.


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