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Has anyone installed a sound field in a classroom in their district?? if so, what did you use for equipment?? One of my science classrooms requested a sound field and before i dig into it, i'd like some info. thanks!!


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I'm assuming "Sound Field" is the same as "Sound Enhancement"? Or is there a difference? One of our teachers really liked the Lightspeed REDCAT "portable" wireless system with REDMIKEs. One speaker, it sits on its own feet, and everything is self-contained, and no need to wire-up speakers from a receiver, and the SpEd department really liked the sound quality and it can be moved fairly easily if need be. Not something I'd recommend hour by hour or anything like that, but if you needed some sound system someplace after school or for some event (indoors), it would be handy to have. Price was about $800 or so when we got it in January.

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