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Do any of you have Smart Boards or Projectors in Band/Music rooms?  I'd like to get some feedback as to how many do and what kind of equipment.




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We have SBs in elementary and middle school band/choir rooms. In our HS we just have projectors with an integrated audio system.  They are used ALL the time!



We have a SB in the Elem Music Room, a mounted proj in the HSMS band room (where a SB is just too small to work for what the band teacher wishes to show to the students...he wanted a BIG image!) and in the HSMS choir room, we presently have a projector on a cart, but that teacher is seriously considering having a SB there as well. It'll depend a lot on what she wants to do.


Our Elem Music teacher is still very new to it, and at first she really wasn't liking it, until she found out that she could bring in her various musical examples (that she used to use an overhead for), and make notations that she could save...and that the Board came with musical staff lines that could be used as backgrounds, and then bring in music note objects that can be manipulated...I think she's on her way, now!


The HSMS band room has a rather nice speaker system installed, and he can also record in his room. He's even got a small mixer that he uses to do that. He used to record to a tape deck, but I think he's recording right to his computer now using Audacity. He's got a few other software products he uses for accompaniment and teaching. Finale is one of them.


The Elem music room has a Lightspeed sound enhancement system installed that can be used in conjuction with the computer or other devices to get the sound into the classroom.


The Choir room doesn't have the set up the band room has, but I think the band room set up has been used to record the choir (they just head over there on occaision). Our Auditorium is also set up for recording with four hanging mics located in strategic spots above and in front of the stage, so that's another option for them. A video camera can be used in conjuction with a DVD Recorder to record their concerts, and afterfinalizing, both the band and choir show them to the students. The drama dept could also do that, but have only done it once so far.


I do know that the middle school music teacher at Stewartville uses her Smart Board a lot - and has the students control a program she uses (the software she uses escapes me at the moment) so that they can see and play along to music during practices. She also does a variety of things with the Board during class. Carol Bressel is her name.

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