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SEMTEC Meeting Agenda for Friday, Oct 12
As always, our meetings are flexible. If you have a topic to discuss, information to share, or a vendor you'd like to see present, let me know ar

Note - SEMNET meeting preceeds the SEMTEC meeting. SEMNET members check your communications from Chair Bob Tiffenbacher or Kim Ross for specifics.

9:30am - Meeting Begins - Welcome!
10 years of SEMTEC! New members/area tech coordinators. Introductions

9:40am - Reports and "What did you do during the summer?"
RAMSP Updates, SEMNET Updates, SEMVA Updates, SSC Updates and News, Legislative News and Updates, NWEA and MCA testing, eRate, TEA, and Technology Plans. How are iPads and Android Tablets being incorporated in your district? Lots of topics!

10:30am - Discussion Topics - what should be discussed? Brung your ideas. We often come up with a topic and spend an hour (or more) on it!

11:30am - Every year we talk about making connections with our Legislative Representatives. Does everyone know how to make that contact?

noon - Lunch - Lunch is provided from leftover TECHSPO funds. Bring your own beverage. A soft drink machine is located in the lobby. Coffee (plus powdered creamer and sugar) is often provided by SSC as well.

12:30 - Discussion Topics and Reports continued

1:30 - Presentation - Google Forms as a help desk? Bryan Berg
Other low cost Help Desk options:

2:00 - Survey ideas for gathering data about Technology use in SE MN....and beyond? What data should we consider collecting?

2:30 - Discussion topics, presentations and other items to include in future meetings.

2:30 - Adjourn

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Reports -


RAMSP - not much anymore from them Technology wise

SEMNET - Beginning negotiations of Internet Access for the region. There will be info coming up. Get ahold of Kim or Tiff with questions. Contact information will be provided below

NWEA - iPad app version for the test maybe coming out 13-14 School Year. Some are using a web-based version of it, with a plan to have everyone to move to that in the next couple of years.

MCA Voice Pack consternation - most aren't using it because of the issues with installing. Linda Smith provided some information


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