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It will be a full day at the Wood lake Meeting Center for Tech Coordinators! An opportunity to watch the TIES Portable U Conference Keynote and End Note Speakers (more info on that is below), the SEMTEC meeting itself which will have presentations from TIES on the Microsoft Roadmap Seminar for the working lunch, as well as an Alpha Video presentation on VBrick at 1:00.
There also will be a Cisco/RUS Grant Meeting for those Tech Coordinators/Directors interested from 8:30-9:30am. Talk about plenty of early morning choices!
REMINDER: Telecom Aid Reporting for Fiscal Year 2011 is due on Jan 27th!
So here's the opportunities and agenda for Friday:
8:30am - TWO things: (1) the Cisco/RUS Grant meeting (until 9:30), and (2) availability of watching the keynote address from the Portable U conference at TIES via ITV (until 9:15am)
NOTE: I have some additional specifics about the keynote address at the bottom of this email
9:35am - SEMTEC meeting begins
9:40am - Welcome, and intro to a new Tech leader for SE MN, from Caledonia we hope to have Eric Jerviss joining us!
9:45 - Discussion topics and Updates:
* Cisco/RUS Grant info update (what are people's thoughts?)
* Technology Plans - some info from Mary Mehsikomer on timing for Plans and TEA eligibility
* Legislative Updates (as they are now in session) - Dale
* SSC Updates - Dale
* RAMSP Updates
* SEMNET Updates
* Upcoming Conference recommendations (such as Brainstorm in March, the - I think - 1:1 Conference in Des Moines in April, and ISTE (formerly the NCC Conference) Nat'l Conference this Summer). What else is available?
* What are people's thoughts about the use of Technology to improve schools? Are we doing things right? Wrong? What needs to change? How do we change it?
* Open floor for issue discussion. What's happening, what's working, what are people trying, what isn't working? Who needs help?
11:30 - TIES and Microsoft Roadmap Seminar: Greg Ludescher and team (TIES is providing a pizza lunch for us!
1:00 - Alpha Video Presentation on VBrick: Todd Johnson and Rob Boardman (possibly also Scott Tronson)
2:00 - Complete any unfinished updates/discussion (any ITV connections to the meeting do have to be ended at this time because the equipment has to be used for another meeting)
2:30 - SEMTEC Meeting ends
3:00 - 4:00 - End Note Address from the TIES Portable U Conference (see additional details below) 
Info on the Keynote and End Note speeches that will be available via ITV at SSC on Friday:

Both Keynote addresses for the Jan 27th Portable U confernce at TIES will be broadcast via our SEMNET ITV meeting room.

SEMNET Bridge meeting room: E.164#:808736638, IP:, conference coded 736638#

Full conference information can be found at:

8:30am-9:15am -  Keynote Speaker - Susan M Meyer, Director of Instructional Technology, Becker Schools --- Susan coordinated the 1:1 iPads in the Becker this year.  Susan will talk about the vision that lead Becker here and will share the ins and outs of the pre-implementation and the real life application of this transforming education technology.

3pm-4pm  End Note Speaker
We will also feature a wrap-up session from Mark Diehl, District Technology Coordinator for the Little Falls Community Schools. The Little Falls district created Project REAL (Resources to Engage All Learners) to increase student engagement and help students develop 21st Century skills. Mark will share a brief history of what led to implementing this project. In addition he will share some of the great things happening with the devices in the Little Falls Community Schools.



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Dover-Eyota Public Schools

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