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One suggestion in so far:
Here are the topics I would have in mind:

Windows 8 for desktops and tablets

One to One programs

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Another item - update from the TIES Conference. Perhaps those that attend will be able to bring back some information to share.
We will be having a Windows 8 presentation and Q&A with lunch provided by the vendor on Dec 21

I believe it was Spring Grove, but not sure.  Someone was saying they rent out laptops/netbooks to the students.  They charge insurance also on the device.  Whoever stated this, can you give some more details on this?  How much rent do you charge?  How much insurance do you charge?

One of our teachers here in St. Charles went to the TIES conference and he was in a class where they discussed having a consulting company come in and handle all maintenance / financing / insurance for devices given to students.  Anyone in this area done this or currently doing this?


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