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looking for info from everyone on a good solution for a security camera for our gym. any help is appreciated. thanks!!


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We just recently finished an install at Dover-Eyota using Panasonic SF-132 and Panasonic SF-155 cameras for internal locations (the SF-155's are better for locations that have the camera pointing at a high contrast area like a doorway), and Arecont 8185DN 180 - degree cameras (there are four lenses in one dome set-up that produce four images that are seperate, but can be viewed together for a 180-degree view)) for the outside installations on the building. Those Areconts replaced the PTZ cameras that we used to have outside, but never seemed to show what we needed to see when we wanted to see it!

All those cameras are IP based and are set up with a server running exaqVision software to view the cameras. There's also a client that can be installed where needed that communicates with the server version, so that view option that are set up on the server are seen on the clients. Saved video can be captured, exported and even burned to a CD/DVD from any computer with the client software. We have 30 cameras on one of the servers, and it looks like we can go back about a week with saved video with the 4TB dual hard drive mirrored setup we're using. Easy to use and easy to set up the cameras.

The High School is all new (exaqVision didn't communicate with our old Axis cameras), and is entirely IP. The Elem also now has an exaqVision server, but that one can handle analog cameras (16 of them), plus we have another five new IP Cameras of the Panasonic types listed above.

Picture looks good. They aren't going to give you license plate numbers like the still higher-end cameras can do, but for seeing what's happening and identifying faces, they are doing well. Our HS Principal loves them!

We purchased it through CustomAlarm in Rochester. I can let you know costs if you need them.

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