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I'm interested in where everyone else is getting their replacement lamps from for their projectors.  I've been using Tierney Brothers but would be wide open to a different vendor.



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CDW-G is the vendor I use for our replacements.

Thanks Brian, that was really a fast response.

I'm usually at my computer day in and day out.  :)

One other place to look is 

Have you ever done business with  I just got some good prices from them.

Epson ELPLP30  $210.00

Epson ELPLP42  $168.00

Never heard of them.  CDW-G lists on their website $213 for the ELPLP30.  Price is likely to be lower with a quote.  We also qualified for free shipping with CDW-G.

I've used They've been reliable and quick and decent pricing.

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