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Anyone have experience with the Kindle in classrooms?? One of our teachers wants to use an eText for class next semester with a class of 15, and I'm wondering the pros/cons of this idea. Thanks in advance for any info.


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I learned a little about this at a conference this past October. You can purchase an ebook and share it simultaneously with up to 6 devices. (Barnes and Noble Nook or Amazon Kindle) You then check out the device to the student. Within these books you can annotate, search, and even add audio (at a fee). Managing this may be difficult for 15 as I am thinking you have to have multiple accounts. I was thinking that there are kindle/nook readers for iPads/iPods. You may get more bang for you buck with those devices because they can do so much more? We havent adopted any of this technology yet - so there may be others who are more knowledgeable on the topic. Osseo Schools has done quite a bit with eReaders.
the text the teacher wants to use is opensource...does that apply to the 6 device limit?? i know little about this...
No, I dont think that would be the same thing. This was some sort of a system that you could buy an ebook for a library and share it up to 6 times. How well the opensource eBooks work on a kindle...I am not sure.
I think I'd opt for the Kindle over the iPad / Touch. Far too many distractions with those devices. If you want the kids to read, give them a device that lets them read. Don't give them a toy, and then expect them to be productive with it. We all would like that to be the truth, but don't lose track of reality. ;)

Opensource books shouldn't have any issues, other than finding a format compatible with your chosen e-reader.

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