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I'm setting up a FOG server, got it all done. Now I need to upload an image, the laptop I'm testing with doesnt PXE boot to the server. Do I have to set something on the FOG server?? Thanks in advance for any help.


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The boys at Lourdes might have the answers for this one, but I remember that FOG sometimes doesn't have the correct boot parameters for many devices, and you have to track those down...that might be one problem....another is that the FOG server will have to have a static address and that your network "knows" that the FOG server provides the PXE services on the network. That's done in the DHCP area (that's in the instructions for the FOG server setup so you probably saw that).

I did set up a static IP...just not working for some reason. I'm not a Linux guy, but this shouldn't be this tough...

I'm listening... :)

Did you set your FOG server to a static IP when you installed linux?
I'm assuming you are in an AD environment? Did you set options 66 and 67 as part of your DHCP scope properties?

no AD, yes on the static IP, what about the options 66 and 67??     ;-)

Ack.  If you aren't in an AD environment, you'll need to configure or obtain a router that can set PXE boot variables.  Otherwise, you'll need to build a separate network where the FOG server is DNS and DHCP.  How are you doing DHCP right now?

I've only done it where FOG serves everything, or tied into AD with the DHCP scope settings set with my PXE address for FOG. 

I may be able to offer some help to you during the summer.  However, I have two interns I'm supervising so I likely won't be able to travel.  If you are able to swing into Rochester, I could assist you.

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