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Do any of you have your schools technology user policies posted on your websites? I've been asked to look into what other school have for their staff technology/network use policies.

Anyone have a restriction on the amount of space each staff member is allowed - we are getting hit with a lot of photos and videos and it is eating up all of our server space.

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I think most of the schools will have their Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) in their Technology Plans. All the Technology Plans from every school district in the state are posted on the MDE website at: (it'll download as a PDF, but the links to all of them are built right into the document).

Dover-Eyota is presently discussing some of the language in our AUP in our Technology Committee. Some parts of it are outdates, some areas are a bit unclear, and there has been some discussion about including policies for Teacher/Student interaction on social network sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc...

For space restrictions, we don't presently employ specific quotas on the servers (with the exception of email box sizes on the mail server), BUT there is a policy that asks that the servers not be used for video, music and picture file storage. Large PowerPoint files are also frowned upon (especially since PowerPoints can be shared for free on the website - which can also be used to convert PowerPoints with slide timings to a video format). Video, music and picture files can be stored on the server short term, but only for as long as it's needed to archive them to another storage source, such as a CD, DVD or Flash Drive.
Great information Bryan - thank you and I'll be checking into the sites you listed. Very useful.
As far as space goes, I use Quota Management within windows server. Each gets 2 GB and you can fine tune every user if they actually need more and aren't just saving junk.
We have our Computer/Internet policy on the web, Feel free to take a look and offer suggestions.

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