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Got this from my math teachers today, might be worth forwarding to appropriate people at your district.


Minnesota State Colleges and Universities have negotiated with Maplesoft, the creators of the mathematical software Maple, to arrange for free licenses of Maple 14 for state high schools.

Maple is an important tool for teachers and students learning mathematics. It lets educators and students explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems, providing greater understanding of the mathematics. Maple is used extensively throughout Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, so introducing Maple to your students will also give them a head start on the next phase of their education.

Best wishes.

Angie Judd

High School Specialist

Center for Postsecondary Success

MN Department of Education

1500 Highway 36 West

Roseville, MN 55113

Phone: 651-582-8478

Fax: 651-582-8876

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Here is th elink to sign up and receive the software.
Thanks, Corey!

Is anyone using Maple, or thinking about using Maple? Corey, have you used it at all? Brian?

Info on the product from the vendor to go along with Brian's post for the sign-up:
Our HS teachers use the program, and they like it. I've not seen it in action since it was in its early stages, but looks pretty cool.

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